Friday, January 2, 2009

Two Thousand and Eight

Huh. A new year. This morning was the first time I had to write the date, and of course I wrote "08." It must be that part of all of us that is resistant to change. We'd like to believe there's something exciting about a new year and what it might hold, but a huge piece of us isn't really ready to leave the year we've just lived in so thoroughly. Such a small fraction of our life, yet such a long period of time. Damn. A year. You know, this means I'm only getting older. The more years you stack upon one another, the more wobbly the tower gets. I'm still pretty close to the bottom, but now I seem to be much more acutely aware of the top.

In 2008 I sat through an entire legislative session, got a new car, ended a lengthy relationship, got a little better at bass, rekindled an important old friendship, realized how crappy being single can be, got a dental implant, realized how nice being single can be, had the most carefree summer since my youth, became proficient at removing teeth from dead deer, gained a tiny bit more responsibility in my job, served on three jury panels and lost just over 30 pounds.

To celebrate the year that has passed, check out this great series of 2008 photographs from (from which the heading image of this post was taken).

2008 in Pictures, Part I
2008 in Pictures, Part II
2008 in Pictures, Part III

Picture credits:
1. Photo by REUTERS/David Gray, taken from
2. Photo by Carlos
Gutierrez, taken from


Carissa said...

30 pounds?? danny boy, where did you lose it from? you were a twig to begin with!

oh btw it's carissa lol

Dan said...

haha trust me it was there.