Tuesday, January 15, 2008

On Blind Plowtruck Drivers

Before I resolved to start writing every day, my most frequent concern was whether I'd be able to find anything worth writing about. Lots of things happen everyday, but lots of things don't happen. Certainly the monotonies of my day-to-day business are hardly worth scrutinizing in vivid detail. Part of my motivation to write is to try to tackle things that would be at least marginally interesting for another person to read (even if I'm not advertising this blog's existence as of now), rather than simply tabulating every inane thing that happened to me each day. Yesterday the writing came pretty easy, but when I was finished, I was already anxious about what I would write about today.

Well, today stuff happened. I need to learn to live each day until it's nearly concluded, and then trust that at least one memorable event or idea can be extracted from the experience.

Today, a plow truck backed into my car. While I was in it. No one was injured (except my poor, beaten-on car) and no one raised their voices. I was essentially nowhere near the truck when it began backing up, was stopped on a public road way, and copiously honked my pathetic little horn. People asked me why I didn't back up, but let's face it: by the time you realize that, yes, this truck is going to strike my vehicle, you've lost your backing-up window of time. Besides, it takes little effort to imagine the scenario where I frantically back-up to escape someone else who is backing-up, only to back into someone who likely thinks it's reasonable to be driving forward on a public road. And then the fault is mine.

In any case, I am now carless. The backer's (as opposed to me, the backee) insurance company has already slung around the words "potential total loss," even though they haven't looked at my vehicle yet and I tried not to be too dramatic in describing the damage over the phone. The guy at my autobody shop thinks things are totally fixable, though. While it would be uber-sweet to get a new car, it would be uber-poopy to have to start making car payments again.

I can now make a new entry on the list of things that have struck my vehicle:

  • New! A GMC Sierra
  • A Chevy Tahoe
  • An unidentified white vehicle
  • A metal post
  • Possibly a screwdriver (which was jammed through my door in order to access the locking mechanism).
Not a particularly exciting or enlightening list, but a list none-the-less. Amazingly, I've accrued a lot of damage to my car, but have yet to be at fault for any of it (well, maybe the post, but even that one is highly debatable). Hopefully my lucky streak will continue (not so much that there's a possibility I'll be found at fault now, but that I might get pwned by having to buy a new car).

So yeah. I'm not sure this escapes my fear of writing worthless drivel, but this event was certainly central to my day. Thankfully, it didn't even ruin it. As I sit here now, I'm in a great mood.

In other news, some legislators actually got semi-heated (lukewarm, really) during session today, the liveliest they've been since the start of the session. I have a feeling things will get fire-and-brimstone hot before the session's up, though. Here's to hoping!

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Old Nick said...

Sorry to hear about your vehicular loss, Dan. Welcome to the world without wheels!

It's lucky that you've got a ride to work every day, eh?