Tuesday, January 22, 2008

On Global Narcissism

Tonight I'm tired. Tonight, I'd like to just record a thought that I had been considering today, and maybe tomorrow I can return to the topic and explore it with a little more depth.

At work this morning, one of my co-workers was talking about a show she was watching last night, which showed what the Earth would be like if humans disappeared. Apparently it showed the immediate result of mass human extinction, moving further and further into the future and showing the changes as the world existed longer and longer without human influence.

I got thinking about what the appeal of this sort of exercise is to us. Imagining our nonexistence is fairly nihilistic, but it becomes profoundly narcissistic when we do it simply to see just how drastically things would be changed, thereby affirming our immense and overarching global influence. It takes a lot of gall to be willing to entertain your complete eradication merely as a means remind yourself of how much raw power you possess. I'll return to these points tomorrow.

Side-note: On the blog homepage, the title of the blog is cut down such that a new word is coined: Inconsequentia. One could say that each entry in the blog is a piece of inconsequentia. Or is the state of being inconsequential simply a quale of each entry, instead of its defining point? Maybe we're just dealing with inconsequalia, worthless properties that can't constitute the whole of an entry, being merely one of its comprised parts. Maybe these entries have some intrinsic worth despite their inconsequalia.

Maybe I really need sleep.

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